Biography in English

Manfred Sieber, born in 1951, is a Munich-based artist who works primarily in water colors.

His passion for painting nature scenes developed back in 1979. A self-taught artist at first, he soon began his studies with one of Munich's renound artists, Eckhard Zylla, and subsequently attended many years of Zylla's classes in painting.

Numerous travels with paint study groups have taken him preferably to Southern Europe, Asia and the Caribic Islands.

The artist paints scenes in Munich and its surrounding areas on a regular basis.

The paintings originate in nature so as to capture the emotions of light, changing seasons, and weather patterns, which results in spontaneous and actual works of art.

Manfred Sieber resides in Munich, Germany.

Awards, Exhibits & Publications


First solo exhibit at the "Kleine Schlossgalerie" in Munich.

Subject: "From Chiemgau to China."

Water Color Paintings of nature scenes.

Since 1988, annual participation in the big Art Exhibit at "Schwabinger Atelier."


Prize award received at an artists' competition at the occasion of the tenth annual Bavarian Career Days ("Berufsschultag") in Fuerth, Germany.

First publication of water color calendars with a series of changing subjects, i.e., "Bella Italia," "Inseltraeume" (Island Dreams), Häuser wie Oasen (Houses like a Haven"), "Vertraute Wege" (Familiar Paths).


Prize award received at a competition of "Artists Are Painting the Castle of Garatshausen"


Founder of the "Munich Group of Artists 11 11."

Solo Exhibit at the Bureau of Patents in Vienna, Austria.


Solo Exhibit, Public Library of Garching (Munich).

Participation in the "Schwabinger Bilderfries" in Seidlvilla, Munich.

Group Exhibit at an art show at the "Bayerische Sozialministerium."


Active participation in a major bill board campaign in Munich for "Discrimination Against "Foreigners"

(Plakataktion gegen Auslaenderfeindlichkeit).

Consequently, developed an intense motivation for the design of poster art. A series of posters capturing subject of daily live events was hence created.


Entry in the Pick-up Edition

Distribution in six major cities of 60 000 art postcards featuring one of the artist's themes.

Entry in the "European Encyclopedia of Artists" (Europäisches Künstler-Lexikon), German edition, published by Bavaria Verlag

In the years following, intense involvement with photography.


Publication of a first series of booklets of photographs with subjects like "Light and Shadow" (Licht und Schattenspiele), "Brief Views of City Scapes" (Kleine Seitenblicke – Stadtteilansichten),
"Hands" (Hände).


Internet presentations featuring different art exhibits on a monthly basis (more than 100 illustrations).


Participation at the exhibit "Art Innovation Elements"
Köln, Germany 3/2000

In June 2000, started giving watercolor courses in landscape painting in the Toscana / Italy